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Stupid sexy KHR. Sigh, I still have all these Feelings! for this manga.

I’ve finished one of the storylines I wanted to write for Reborn!

This isn’t saying much, necessarily, as there are many others I’d like to write, many of them within the same universe.

I initially advertised this fic as “baby fic.” That is (I suppose) technically true, but it is perhaps somewhat misleading.

It’s actually a story about the life cycle in a broader sense — growing older, settling down, seeking stability with your partner, sexual anxiety, life anxiety, facing the imminence of death, and, yes, having children. To say it’s baby-fic feels kind of inaccurate insofar as I would say it’s much more about parenting than it is about the child or her goings-on (she might be more of a character someday, in later storylines, but here she is a baby, and thus not exactly a developed personality).

I was somewhat inspired by a quote that the cradle of the child is the grave of the parent.

… Which probably makes the whole fic sound a lot more depressing than it actually is. There are moments of grief and moments of what-could-have-been strewn throughout, but I don’t find the overall message to be depressing in the least. We all have to grow older and make life decisions.

And, yes, I realize it’s a little odd to project that onto a character like Mukuro of all people, what with his Kokuyo Never Never Land, but the difficulty (and the particular anxiety that maturity would create for a person like him)… is what drew me to the concept. Furthermore, there were certain emotions I wanted to explore with Chrome, more so in the latter half of the fic.

ANYWAY, yeah, pairing is 6996, yadda yadda. /o/

WITH other interactions, like Mukuro and Tsuna (because I love them) and Chrome and … everyone XD; (because I love Chrome! and I always want to just sort of ~drag her around~ so everyone else can love her as much as I do <3__<3) and shenanigans. SHENANIGANS!! … despite the sort of heavier scenes (life has its share of light moments, too). HINTS of various other pairings. Seriously, people probably shouldn’t even read my fics if they don’t like weird pairing hints, since I ship a little bit of everything.

Chapters: I | II | III | IV | V | VI | VII


***OH, YEAH, ALSO, while I’m on the subject of fandom nonsense, I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a post for my 30 days meme on Chrome. I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN. :) Real life has just been busy as balls lately! I WILL DO MANY MORE POSTS ON HER. >C DEFINITELY! MY FOREVAH-GIRL!

Much love to you all. :) I’ve been sooo busy omg I just want some brainspace/free time to play on Tumblr! And to write more!

KHR ARTIST LOVE. http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=34088039 

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Chrome, PLZ.

WOW, I’M SO SPACEY I FORGOT to cross-post my writing when I updated it a while ago. :X NOW I FEEL WEIRD linking old writing, lmfao.

More ~KID-FIC~


6996… in a roundabout way. Does this even count anymore? THAT RELATIONSHIP IS TOTALLY THERE, JUST… not as much a priority in this chapter, I suppose. Kind of.

Mainly… egregious bromance between Chrome and various Vongola people and much discussion of sexcapades. Kind of. And Mukuro. And Tsuna. Bluh bluh. Won’t make sense without the preceding chapters, though, I imagine. MAY NOT MAKE SENSE ANYWAY…

I seriously just want to write teenage (or at least Older!Kid) shenanigans. I WANT THIS SO MUCH. I just have one more thing I need to write before I can timeskip ahead… but that will probably be another fic universe.

OKAY, last meme post of the day, and I’ll be caught up again.

I feel that most people who follow my blog are aware of my Chrome headcanons. If you’ve read my ‘fics, you also have some idea of the kinds of things I regularly dream up.

I suppose the headcanon I tend to be the most inflexible on in terms of my own work (meaning I am not going to push it on anyone else, but it’s been implied in literally everything I have ever written for this fandom) is that Chrome and Mukuro were sexually active and sexually experimental from the era of the canon timeline, although I waffle on WHEN, precisely, I imagine this to have begun — perhaps right after the giant tournament at the series’ end. Back when I wasn’t sure if/when Mukuro in the TYE timeline was going to be released from the prison, I headcanoned them doing it illusion-style, but since he was freed in this timeline, well, easy enough to Make It So in the real world.

Anyway, I want to address a couple of things about this particular headcanon. It has occurred to me, during the course of having it, that a) It might seem creepy and sexualizing of teenagers. b) It might be unfair to teenagers to insist that they have be sexually curious or in any way sex-obsessed or fucking all the time because they’re teenagers, and I might be unintentionally implying this by repeating this motif time and time again in my writing. c) … I don’t know. It felt like there should be a c) here.

So I want to speak to these concerns. Not, you know, that anyone has ever walked up to me and gone HDU SEXUALIZE KHR TEENAGERS! but it’s kind of an issue in my own ethos (I do demand a certain amount of internal ethical consistency, even in my fantasyland), and if I say it’s a headcanon I’m fairly adamant about using again and again — well, it can sound a little like I’m just creepily anti-kids-not-fucking or something.

Well, I’m not anti-kids-not-fucking. The reason I choose to focus on Chrome as a sexually active being has a lot to do with the fact that it subverts the expectations of “innocence” and “purity” and other shit that people project onto her just because she’s quiet and kind of a wallflower. I’ve actually seen people claim that it was UNTHINKABLE to imagine Chrome in any sexual scenario or that Mukuro cared too much to “do that” to her (do what? have consensual sex?). The idea that Chrome is an eternal blushing virgin is something that really follows her around in one form or another. I think wallflowers can be getting some while no one is any wiser about it — they wouldn’t necessarily know at all. For THAT matter, I think I also like to imagine that Mukuro has “typical” teenage impulses of sexual curiosity (etc. — even anxiety) which he also masks from the world at large. The juxtaposition really pleases me. I am NOT into Chrome being sexually PASSIVE or Mukuro being sexually PREDATORY. I am into mutually interested exploration.

Teenagers certainly are not all sexually active and I certainly don’t wish to convey the impression that I think any teenager has to be dominated by their hormonal reactions; I just think budding sexual development and budding hormones and, yes, experimentation, can be really, really interesting (and, for these two, somewhat at odds with how they are typically conceived of in other situations), so it ends up being a huge component of my work, because it goes along with the whole bildungsroman motif, which, as I said before, I’m really into.

Finally, since I always place Chrome and Mukuro in a relationship TYL, the headcanon of looking backwards to how this relationship began is, for me, the crux of their bond. Nostalgia is another significant component of my work. I am VERY FOND of writing about adult couples who look back nostalgically at their roots (perhaps too fond… it filters through everything I write…).

SPEAKING OF TYL, most of my other headcanons concern future timelines. I tend to think adult Chrome has a fairly solid resume of work with Vongola and has, over time and gradual effort, built up a lot of credentials on missions (even if she likely wouldn’t think so, given how modest she is). I DON’T think Chrome has resorted to anything flashy, but I think she has always proved reliable, consistent, and a hard worker. She’s probably helped with back-up, infiltration, spy missions, disarming weaponry, defense (her Mist shield), responding to hostage situations — I like to imagine her doing things which her Mist abilities would be really useful for, as opposed to the constant tournament-style combat battles the series places characters in. I’m particularly fond of infiltration and sneaking around in disguises. And we do have GLORIOUS HINTS that Chrome is more than capable of carrying out such objectives.

OTHER THAN THAT, IDK ): LMFAO I feel like I have so many headcanons but they all fly from my brain when I go to post!! If anyone wants to ask me if I could see [x] or [y] as a possible headcanon, I’m totally game… HEADCANONS ARE INTERESTING, idk…

SO, I have fallen behind on the meme lately. MANY APOLOGIES. It’s been a busy week. But! I have not forgotten about my KHR 30 days challenge meme. I think days 7 and 8 have kind of similar prompt questions, so I’m going to do them both in one post.



Chrome is… kind of a space cadet a lot of the time! Now, I know a few posts ago, I was praising her observation skills, but these two things are not as contradictory as they may initially seem! In fact, I think the fact that Chrome can be quite observant at certain moments is directly related to how spacey she is about other things (i.e. her focus is rather selective). It’s hard to say exactly what is going through her mind, but she seems not to notice many social cues that come easily to other people. She’s socially… awkward. Really, really awkward.

WHICH also ties in to her worst personality feature:


[Can I just say how bizarre this is? SOME WEIRD THING is happening and TSUNA is being the easy-going one who isn’t noticing another character’s discomfort? HOW SURREAL!]

Chrome takes a lot of bullshit sometimes without really standing up for herself more. What Would Mukuro Do? Punch Lambo the fuck off, right? (Then again, with the way he runs around babying Fran, I suppose that isn’t a given…) Not that Mukuro’s personality is remotely perfect, but I like to think he encourages Chrome to stand up for herself more.

Again: I’ve formerly praised Chrome for being very stubborn and very assertive against her enemies. Once more, this isn’t as contradictory as it sounds. Chrome IS assertive — when her enemy is threatening someone else (say, her Kokuyo or Vongola friends, or Mukuro) or when the issue is a topic she’s particularly passionate about. The problem lies in the fact that she’s not given to standing up for HERSELF. At least in the above image she’s making her discomfort known, but there are other times when she’s very mild in the face of insults…



Then, of course, there’s the infamous scene of M.M. slapping Chrome. I don’t think I need to dig that one up, considering EVERYONE remembers it, and how Chrome ran away afterwards.

Now, even though I do kind of consider Chrome’s refusal to stand up for herself a “fault,” I should also add that I think it’s a fault that is one of the most (to me) realistic and easy to relate to aspects of her character. The fact of the matter is that most of us are, to some degree, conflict avoidant. I hardly consider myself a wilting violet in any way, shape, or form, but when it comes to roommates or people I have to be around on a daily basis, the last thing I want to do is displease them… because that would make my life potentially miserable. MANY people have roommate drama and MANY people bottle it up and go vent online, while being deferential out of politeness.

I see Chrome’s deference to her allies as a similar (albeit more extreme) version of this tendency. While fans complain about Chrome’s meekness and WHY DIDN’T SHE FIGHT BACK AGAINST M.M. OR YELL AT KEN — the fact of the matter is that while this might have been cathartic for fans’ baser impulses, realistically, opposing her own allies wouldn’t have gained Chrome much ground. I mean, the obvious flip side here is, did their treatment of her gain THEM any ground? Did Mukuro drop Chrome because Ken was a jerk or because M.M. was all aggro at her? Of course not. So I wish Chrome would be a bit more firm in her reactions to people, but at the same time, going full on aggro wouldn’t really do anything, and there are times when it’s best to be the bigger person. When it comes to being deferential so as not to rock the boat, there is a happy medium to be had. I do think Chrome doesn’t quite achieve that happy medium, but I think this is also part of what makes her flawed in an interesting and appealing way.

And, for someone with her background, it’s also quite understandable. Chrome is a survivor of severe childhood emotional abuse. Coming from that background, a tendency to not want to do anything that would exacerbate your getting yelled at more (self-blame) only makes sense.

Day 6: Worst physical feature.

(Days 1-5 can be found here.)

Okay, I’m going to be honest. “Worst physical feature” is kind of a difficult call to make for me when it comes to manga characters — they vary from picture to picture, especially when you factor in fairly important trends like Amano’s major shift in art style over the course of the series.

Furthermore, there’s the anime, in which certain features become more pronounced. For instance, if I were being really nitpicky, I could say that I think Chrome’s eyebrows sometimes look half… existent in the anime! No, really, they’re weirdly SHORT sometimes! But, if that appears to be mainly an anime trait, does that count as a general “feature”? I am none too sure. And, by the same token, in the earlier pages of the manga, I think Chrome’s legs seem to be unappealingly skinny, and on certain pages, her shoulders jut out in odd ways… but again, I’m pretty sure every single thing I’m talking about is actually related to Amano’s quirks (say, an inability to draw a woman’s bare shoulders without some bizarre triangular shapes…) rather than to anything that’s intended to be true of the character.

Oh, and these features also change.

By the end of the manga, Chrome’s legs are looking much more shapely and less knobby, less protruding, and less angular. Seriously, look at Shimon-uniform Chrome standing with Spade on the cover (or the panel where he’s drawing her to him, skeevy as it is) — it’s a vast improvement over how her body looked in her first appearance (where there’s something gawky and Just Not Right about the way she’s drawn at times).

STILL, since I need to say something for this meme, I’m going to say that Chrome’s worst physical feature is probably her sometimes-emaciation.

I should say, to judge from Bianchi’s comment, this is an outright UNHEALTHY feature, as Chrome is apparently literally on the verge of starvation from all the crap she was eating in Kokuyo.

Once again, her body looks much better towards the end of the series, and while this is probably just Amano’s art shifting, I prefer to believe (not, I think, without reason!) that it’s a side effect of her living more healthily. And as for what her most unattractive feature is, then? I have no idea. KHR characters are generally drawn to be ridiculously attractive, like many fictional characters…

(Foregoing pictures this time around because I’m lazy. But, I’ve been posting pictures in my other meme responses, so it should be apparent how Chrome’s looks have changed, and in addition, these chapters/images are all pretty easy to find and I think everyone knows of them, in any case. :))